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Protect yourself from WannaCry Ransomware


What you need to know about Ransomware, and how to stay protected.

You may have heard about the recent cyber attacks over the weekend affecting computers and networks all over the world.  We have been receiving countless inquiries about how to stay protected from this terrible virus.  This email will tell you what Ransomware is,  how to protect against it,  and keep your data safe.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a Virus, or Malware that infects your computer. It locks the files on your computer and demands a ransom to unlock the files. These files include, documents, pictures, databases, and many other file types.

This current Virus has been named WannaCry,  and it is not the only one out there. We have seen many different ransomware virus's cause extreme problems and data loss over the years.  If you have any questions about this virus or the security of your system,  Call Naples Computers. (239) 513-1960

How do you stay protected from Ransomware?

If you feel comfortable administering your computer or server,  you can follow these steps to help keep you protected. If you need some, help, consultation, or want someone else to take care of it for you,  call Naples Computers at (239) 513-1960
  1. Back up your computer and store the safety version in the cloud or on a drive that is not connected to your computer.
    CLICK HERE to get Carbonite Cloud Backup
  2. Use robust antivirus software, like VIPRE Advanced Security
    CLICK HERE to get Vipre Advanced Security
  3. Keep all the software on your computer up-to-date.
  4. Enable automatic updates.
  5. Never open attachments in emails from someone you don't know.
    (Especially ZIP file attachments) And remember that any account can be compromised.
  6. Enable the "Show file extensions" option in the Windows settings on your computer. This will make it much easier to spot potentially malicious files. Stay away from file extensions like ".exe," ".vbs" and ".scr."
  7. If you find a problem, disconnect your machine immediately from the Internet or other network connections (such as home Wi-Fi), Power OFF, and call Naples Computers at (239) 513-1960

WannaCry Ransomware

***The WannaCry Ransomware virus is based on a security loophole in Windows Operating system.  Microsoft released a patch for this loophole last month.  If you have not done your windows updates recently,  do it now!

You will need to install the latest Security Monthly Quality Rollups for April and May 2017.  These updates are specific to your particular version of windows.  If you are using Vista, XP or earlier,  your versions are no longer under support from Microsoft, so there are not security updates.  If you have Windows 7 or newer,  links to the updates are listed below. 

If you need help, please call Naples Computers at (239) 513-1960

APRIL Security Rollup
32-BIt Windows
APRIL Security Rollup
64-BIt Windows

Keep your Data Safe

Make backups! Use a good Cloud backup service, like Carbonite, and keep copies of your phyical backups detached from your computer and network. Sometimes problems are unavoidable.  A virus like WannaCry can infect your computer even if you didn't do anything wrong, like click a bad link or open a bad attachment. Ransomware can also infect your backups if they are attached to the computer or network.

Get Carbonite

If you don't have it already, get it!  It's safe,  easy, and affordable.  Carbonite saves incremented backups of your data.  That means if you get a virus,  and don't realize it for a few days,  you can call them and ask them to restore your data to the day before you had the problem.  How great is that?!

or visit:

Stop the Virus Before it Starts

Vipre is robust Antivirus/Antimalware software that has been on top of the current situation.  Vipre offers excellent protection against this threat, and many others.  If you want to get the software, or see some more information,  you can use this link for Vipre Antivirus.

Contact Naples Computers if you need help

We are here to help you ever step of the way.  Please do not hesitate to call us!  We can be reached by phone, email, or just stop by the shop!

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