The wireless networking market is growing rapidly as users discover the productivity benefits of going wire-free. The increased mobility that WiFi networks offer has proved beneficial in operations throughout manufacturing facilities, warehouses, transportation depot, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges, large enterprises as well as convention centers. In the corporation, conference rooms, public areas, and branch offices constitute ideal venues for wireless LANs (WLANs).

More recently, the average home has multiple devices that require WiFi networks for multiple reasons. Smart phones, Televisons, BlueRay players, Streaming Devices such as FireTV, AppleTV, and XBox's all require Wireless Networks for their services to function.

Naples Computers can make your entire Home or Office Wireless and eliminate any deadspots while allowing for faster data speeds and increased user traffic.

Naples Computers Wireless / WiFi Installation & Services
Enterprise WiFi Hotspots
Outdoor Broadband Wireless / WiFi
Wifi Cellular Boost / Signal Enhancement / Amplifiers Repeaters Installation
Wireless / WiFi For Multimedia (business telephone / voip, CCTV, hand held scanners, point of sale / POS, digital signage, paging and music systems, etc.)
Point to Point Wireless
Point to Multi-Point Wireless
Fixed Wireless Access
Wireless VOIP
Mobile Wireless Access

Wireless / WiFi Network Types Include:
Broadband / 3G Cellular Data

WiFi / WLAN Network Design / Engineering
Deployment of a wireless network requires careful planning. User requirements and objectives need to be evaluated and a site survey must be undertaken to determine possible sources of interference. WiFi Networks can be tricky to implement in high interference areas, be incompatible with existing equipment and can open up security risks. WLANs are best used in addition to - rather than a replacement to wired networks. Our engineers will assure proper planning when designing and implementing your wireless network. The complexity of your network will vary depending on the obstacles within and the size of your facility.

Access Points - WLAN Installation

Naples Computers, Inc. will integrate the WiFi system into your current network as well as install all the required wireless equipment and certify its operation. All cabling and power runs should be done and tested prior to the installation of access points.

Below is a list of activities that one might expect during an installation:

Mounting of access points
Installation of enclosures on case-by-case basis (physical security)
Mounting of antennas
Connection of antennas to access points
Connection of Backbone LAN to access points
Connection of power to access points
Installation and connection of remote power system
Verification of coverage

The Advantages of WiFi Networks / WLANs


the most obvious and significant advantage of WiFi networks. Workers can access shared resources without looking for a cable and a place to plug in.

Range of coverage

coverage of a WLAN node can be extended by the use of access points.

Ease of use

users need very little information to take advantage of a WLAN because it is transparent to a user's network operating system

Installation speed and flexibility

installation of a WLAN system can be fast and easy and can eliminate the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings. Furthermore, wireless LAN enables networks to be set up where wires might be impossible to install.


Wireless networks can be designed to be extremely simple or complex. WiFi networks can support large numbers of nodes and large physical areas by adding access points to extend coverage.

Reduced cost of ownership

particularly in dynamic environments requiring frequent modifications' thanks to minimal cabling and installation costs per device and user. WLANs simplify moving, additions, and changes, the indirect costs of user downtime and administrative overhead are reduced.

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