Computer Repair

Expert computer diagnostic and repair for your laptop, desktop, and Mac, connected devices and/or software applications. 

Our tech experts will resolve conflicts and compatibility issues with software application or hardware running on your laptop or desktop. We will diagnose and troubleshoot both software and hardware errors on your laptop or desktop, and customize the application for your needs. We will also ensure a full data backup of your hard drive's information before beginning the repair.

We promise the lowest wait-time and highest resolution rate in the industry.

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The Best Wire Guy's in Town

We at Naples Computers provide professional and affordable installation services of cat 5, cat 6, and coaxial cable for data and voice network infrastructure at largecommercial scale as well as for small business and residential facilities.

We will help you determine which is best for your business or IT operations, based on your current situation and also taking into consideration your future plans of growth or diversification.  Cat5 is the most widely used cable in the industry today with application suitable for both voice and data.  Its bandwidth capabilities far exceed the requirements for most voice applications and it satisfies the bandwidth needs for most data and networking systems used today.

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София EMSIEN-3